Javascript Gallery and Slideshow System

I'm always on the lookup for a slick way to display a series of images within a webpage. Jonathan Schemoul over at JonDesign has released SmoothGallery 2.0, and it looks very slick. Here's a small quote from his site that sums it all up:

"So, what is so cool about it ?

Unlike other systems out there, JonDesign's SmoothGallery is designed from the ground up to be standard compliant: You can feed it from any document, using custom css selectors.

And even better, this solutions is very lightweight: The javascript file is only 24kb."

For now, Jonathan's solution definitely is leaps and bounds ahead of other similar offerings, which either have less features, too many features, or horribly coded.

JonDesign's Smoothgallery 2.0 –

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