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Dear Santa, I want an Amazon Kindle and an iPod Touch

With today’s introduction of Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader, I’ve decided that there are two products that would cover all my personal entertainment needs this year. The new Amazon Kindle is simply amazing, and would be the single-most reason I could get back into reading books other than technical manuals. The iPod Touch would provide all my video, podcasting and music needs, all in one small package. So, if anyone is feeling generous this year, I’m also providing a couple handy links where you can purchase these items for someone you love.

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Dynamic Drive Icons in Windows Vista

I’m currently in the midst of building a new workstation to replace the one I’ve been using at home for almost 5 years now. While I currently run Windows XP, I’ll probably give Windows Vista Ultimate Edition a shot on the new box. As such, I’m always on the lookout for cool little ‘eye candy’ that could make my Vista experience a better one. My good friend Dan pointed me to something he came across:

Vista Drive Icon, changes the drive icons shown in Windows “My Computer”, to a nearly Vista drive icon, showing the drive’s free space with a smooth colored horizontal bar.

Seems like something interesting to play with when I reach that point.

You can find the Vista Drive Icon project on Sourceforge. (

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