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Using GMail to backup files

By now, most of us have a Gmail account. Heck, I can’t even give invitations away anymore. So, what can you do with an extra account? Why, use it as a 1Gb online backup repository!

While surfing around, I came across an ingenious PHP script which does just that. Ilia Alshanetsky, the creator of the script, put it in these words:

“a quick utility to make use of at least a small portion of the available space for backup purposes. To accomplish this task I wrote a small PHP script that can be used to backup files to Gmail and then quickly retrieve them back if and when you need them. I trust that Gmail servers are fairly reliable, and this offers an excellent offsite backup that is extremely fast (I can max out my connection on download 300k/sec) and accessible from anywhere internet is available. Given that you do have 1gig of space quite a few things can be backed up”

Take a look at it for yourself,

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