Coding a simple Ajax Calendar with a MySQL backend

When doing any kind of web development, I always come across a time when I need to implement some sort of calendar; be it a small ‘applet’ enabling the user to select a date more effectively, or something a bit ‘larger’, displaying something more relevant for certain days.

Jamie over at wrote up some code that can be used as an effective base for many ‘calendaring’ needs most web developers come across. It’s PHP and MySQL, so it should meet the needs of most folks out of the box, but can also be easily ported to another development language.

One word of caution; Jamie makes it clear that his priority was functionality and not security. As such, if you use his code, make sure to apply best-practices in regards to SQL injection, etc.

Jamie’s MYSQL Calendar code

If you’re interested in how Jamie’s code evolved, check out these articles also on his site:

Calendar System – Easily using PHP &
MySQL Calendar

If all you’re looking for is a simple, elegant date ‘selector’, give DatePicker a look.

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